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Suzanne contacted me via facebook in April 2010 by sending a friend request. I recognised her name instantly, but my initial reaction was "what the hell does she want?", because we weren't exactly friends at school. But after 6 weeks, I finally accepted her friend request, and we started talking on facebook.

In January 2011, I went down to Cornwall on holiday and arranged to meet her for a catch-up. We met at the Watermark restaurant in Port Solent near where she lived in Portsmouth. When I first saw her, I liked what I saw and we spent about 3 hours having a good old chat about everything. Over the next couple of months we started talking more on facebook and I went down to Portsmouth a few times and we went over to the Isle of Wight for the day, always had a great time. And that's when the feelings started, each time I left her I regretted not having the courage to ask her out, after all why would someone like her want to go out with me?

Then on the way to work one morning I heard a song that said everything I felt but didn't have the courage to say. So, when I got home I put a link to the song on Skype (we'd started using that by then as it was better than facebook), with the link I put a note saying that if I had things wrong, I was about to ruin a good friendship but that was a gamble I was prepared to take.

The song was This Guy's In Love With You by Herb Alpert, and the rest is history as they say.

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